10th Annual Midland Commute by Bike Challenge!

This year, the competition is expanding to included more organizations, with prizes balanced for organizations with any number of employees 

The form is now available for you to log your commutes where you leave the car at home and get to work by bicycle between May 14th and 18th.

In 2017, the Dow Chemical employees logged the highest percentage of commutes by bike, will the Midland Public Schools get the trophy back this year, or will another group wrest the trophy from them in 2018?

Here are five compelling reasons to promote bicycle commuting:Information courtesy of StartStanding. 
  1. It’s Healthy 
  2. You Beat the Traffic
  3. It’s Good for the Environment
  4. You Save Money
  5. You’ll be Happier
Many people feel that there's not a good route or method to get from home to work and back. Just because the railtrail doesn't lead from my driveway to my workplace, doesn't mean that I can't get there safely and stress-free. 
To learn the easy strategies and techniques to get anywhere on your bike, the CyclingSavvy course is available in Midland.  Register here: https://register.cyclingsavvy.org/groups/michigan 

If you have additional questions about the 10th Annual Bike to Work Challenge, email Josh at info@midlandcommute.com